Day 2 of the latest Wusuraambya Outreach

Thank you all for praying.  The first two days have been fairly well attended by about 180 men, women, and children. It is nice to see believers bringing friends and family to the teaching. It was especially nice to see Jethro here the last two days with his wives and children.  This morning he came with his children to help get the tractor up and running again and to cut the airstrip.  He showed us his child who was born prematurely and considered “rubbish” by his wife when she saw how tiny the little girl was.  Jethro insisted that she take care of the baby though because it was a life that God had given. The baby was so small that she could hold it in one hand and wash it with the other.  She is the one with the orange shirt in this picture.

We are concerned that most of those who expressed a strong desire to hear this teaching have not been present the first two days for various reasons.  Pray that they will come tomorrow and be faithful for the rest of the teaching.

Pray for the teachers too.  Yesterday Willis’s eye was injured by a branch which really concerned us all when his eye was covered with blood. Thankfully today he is doing much better again and there is no apparently long-term damage.  We know there will be more attempts by Satan to prevent people from hearing God’s Word here in this village

Thanks again for praying.

In Christ,

Andrew & Cathy