Urgent Prayer needed for Lucy and the Wusuraambya Bible Church

Dear friends and prayer warriors.

Please join us in much needed prayer for Lucy. Lucy is Kena’s sister and has been taken captive by a very evil man with the intention of marriage. She is being held now for the third consecutive night and is terribly afraid of being raped b this man. She was just about to begin her exams on Monday when she was dragged off by this man. Please pray diligently that she would be set free from this situation and that justice would prevail.

Pray also for the believers in Wusuraambya who have been going through one trial after another during the past several weeks. Both Willis and Jesi have asked for time off of teaching because of all that they have been through lately.

Thank you for praying with us through these difficult days in Wusuraambya.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew and Cathy Goud