Wusuraambya Bible Church Р2013

During four months of chronological Bible teaching in 2005 a solid foundation for the Gospel was laid in Wusuraambya after Scripture and Bible lessons were written in the mother tongue of the Wusuraambya people. For the first time the truths of Scripture became abundantly clear to a group of people who have later been instrumental in spreading this good news, but teaching others from the same Scripture and lessons that they themselves were taught from in the beginning.

Discipling believers:

Once a church was firmly established there was a need for teaching and discipling believers as they learned to walk with God on a daily basis through both good times and bad. First the believers were taught through Acts about the early church and how the first believers responded to the good news that Jesus Christ was that promised Saviour whom they had awaited for so long. Next they were taught through Romans, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, and Philippians, gradually learning to rely on the God’s strength and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to live their lives for God.

Reaching out:

As the believers reached out into their community over the next 10 years, the church grew to around 200 men, women and children, but as the church grew, so did the persecution of believers. The Wusuraambya believers have a good understanding of what Paul talked about in Ephesians 6 regarding spiritual warfare. Satan was NOT happy to the church grow and stirred up people around the valley to oppose the church and the church leaders.

During the past 5 years the believers have suffered intense persecution, primarily (though not exclusively) by other religious groups. A teaching house was burnt down in opposition to the teaching, another teaching house was torn down before it was even finished, the believers’ lives were threatened in multiple villages, and believers beat nearly to death because they serve the risen Saviour.

Yet Jesus said that “on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) Indeed God’s work continues and the church is spreading its wings. A few years ago one of the Wusuraambya believers began an outreach to a Wusuraambya dialect group in Goroka. A group of 11 believers gave clear testimonies after the initial teaching and one of them came back into the tribe and talked about how good this teaching is from God’s word. Since then the people really wanted to hear the message and new team of New Tribes (Ethnos) missionaries are now working in that part of the tribe called Wantakia. In fact in the Spring or Summer of 2020 they hope to begin teaching through the Scriptures in the Wantakia dialect of our language. Exciting days ahead!

Also during the past two years, another village came to the Wusuraambya church and pleaded for them to come and teach them. Three of the Wusuraambya Bible teachers accepted the call and began an outreach in that village that involve a 7-hour round trip walk twice weekly. By Christmas 2018, a new church was planted with over 40 new believers. In the months that followed this new church was taught through Acts, Romans, Ephesians, and the first chapters of 1Corinthians. They can’t get enough of God’s Word, always hungry for more. Praise God for the work He is continuing to do among the Wusuraambya people.

1 thought on “Church

  1. He there. Nice website. Good to see the update on the airstrip, new schoolyear, the teaching in Rom 12 and the ITF team.

    Rom 12. one of my favorite chapters

    Thank you for your faithful work there in and for the Wusuraambya. Keep looking to our Lord for strength and wisdom
    jan en annette

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