Andrew & Cathy first met in Papua New Guinea in the Wusuraambya tribe in September 1990. After a later visit in January 1991 they went back to Canada to be be married, and returned in May 1994 with two children, Heidi and Ben. Daniel was born in PNG in 1995 and Joshua also in PNG in 1997.


Heidi graduated from Numonohi Christian Academy (NCA), a New Tribes Mission school for missionary children, in 2010, and is now attending Redeemer University College in Ontario, Canada. She is a gifted writer and may be looking at a future in journalism.



Ben will be graduating from NCA in May 2012 and plans to attend Fanshawe College, also in Ontario. He will be working on a business major and is very interested in working with computers.



Dan graduates from NCA in 2013 and would like to be a pilot, possibly a helicopter pilot with the Canadian Coast Guard.



Josh is currently in grade 9 and too busy enjoying life to think about what his future might look like. He enjoys most sports and is a good team player.


Having grown up in the Wusuraambya tribe in PNG, Papua New Guinea is home to all four children. They were home-schooled in the tribe during their primary grades and are now receiving an excellent education from Numonohi Christian Academy during their high school years. . . . .


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