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Books printed in the Wusuraambya language

The above links will lead you to the three divisions of books being printed in the Wusuraambya language. Most books are initially printed in the tribe using computers, printers, and binding machines.  After trial use of each book and extensive editing the books are then printed in larger numbers by the Tribal Resource Center in our regional headquarters offices. Upon the completion of the New Testament we hope to send the project to a professional printing company that prints Bibles.

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing costs associated with producing and printing materials in the Wusuraambya language you may contribute directly to the Wusuraambya Printing Fund in Canada.  You can do this by writing your cheque or money order to NEW TRIBES MISSION OF CANADA with a note inside the envelope clarifying that the gift is for the Wusuraambya Printing Fund and mailing it to:

  • Wusuraambya Printing Fund
  • New Tribes Mission of Canada
  • P.O. Box 707
  • Durham, Ontario N0G 1R0

Contributions to the Wusuraambya Printing Fund will go to such things as:  printing equipment and supplies, flights for tribal translation helpers to check finished translation with consultants, etc..

Thank you for the important part you are playing in bringing God’s Word to the Wusuraambya people, the language they understand best.

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