Chronological Bible Teaching



Chronological Bible Course

The main, possibly only, motivation for the Wusuraambyans to learn to read their own language is being able to read God’s Word.  So at the beginning of each chronological teaching of the Scriptures for unbelievers we began a new literacy course.

Phase 1 and 2 booksWe began teaching chronologically through the Bible in September 2005, beginning in Genesis, laying the foundations for the Gospel, teaching who God is, the creation of man, the fall into  sin that separated mankind from God, the law that was for many perceived as a means of getting right with God. Then we taught about the prophesies of a coming helper, a Savior, the One who would take care of the sin problem and restore man to God.  After spending several months teaching through the Old Testament Scriptures we then started into the Gospels.  As we taught about the birth and life of Jesus on earth many began to realize that Jesus was the One, the promised Saviour, the helper would would help us become right with God.

Phase 2

After teaching through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his ascension back into Heaven, we then proceeded to “Phase 2” (Kos 2) of the chronological Bible teaching, this time returning to the foundations and showing them again how every prophesy leads to Christ.  This was a strengthening time for the believers and was the root of much discussion. After every lesson the boys especially talked together for hours, and late into the night, about what they were learning.  And as they talked others were listening and becoming interested in hearing the teaching themselves.

Phase 3

With the excitement grew,  the stronger of the believers began teaching the foundational Phase 1 course (Kos 1) again in a public setting for everyone to hear, and the believers themselves met twice a week to learn about the early church from the book of Acts.  This 3rd phase of teaching gives them a good model of what the earlier believers did, and takes them through Paul’s missionary journeys with all that they involved.  This gave the believers in Wusuraambya a vision to reach the unsaved and to boldly stand strong through the struggles that were sure to come.


Phase 4 Since 2005 we have taught through Phases 1, 2 and 3 four times, each time with a growing group of keen believers. Then later in 2008 we were finally ready to begin teaching the 4th Phase of chronological Bible teaching which begins in Romans and continues through the rest of the epistles. During this fourth phase of teaching the believers will learn more of what it means to “live in the Spirit”, surrendering their bodies and will to the Holy Spirit to do as He wants to in and through their lives.  One couple is now preparing to set out on their first missionary journey towards the end of 2010.

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