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Checking Romans and Ruth…..

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September 4, 2008

Dear friends,

Thank you for your partnership in getting the gospel to the Wusuraambyan people. It is wonderful to know that we have a team standing with us in Canada, USA, the Netherlands and other places. We appreciate each of you.

This past week, I (Cathy) spent in Wusuraambya doing translation checking. Two weeks ago, Andrew went in to the tribe to check Romans chapters 1-6 with a group of young men, to see how well the Scripture would communicate. Now it was my turn to check the same chapters with a group of girls. I asked that six girls come but ten came instead. In the afternoon, after school hours, six more came. With sixteen girls in the house, the place was full! Many of these girls have just trusted Christ in recent months and are very keen to learn more from God’s Word.

After reading a passage to the girls, they would tell me in their own words what they heard. Often one would remember one part, and others would join in with what they recalled. When a passage would not stick in their brains, it was often a sign that the passage was not communicating and therefore needed more work. The girls were thrilled at the truths they were hearing from Romans. Imagine hearing Romans for the first time in your own heart language.

Here is a verse from Romans in Wusuraambyan so you can see what it looks like:
Sarevu nemu Jisaasaruna naanga nebuulyasura yawutdaaya sabuuru Gotyai nemuyi yidapmaraangemulukaihulyira nedadelyi. Abaai Jisaasare wawuya mitna yaka dusabwevuurunayak nemu dahaak Gotyalyi yivaaimuuyitna mwaidaayamuluke. Rom.5: 1

As we were working one day, we stopped for coffee break. Kena read from Philippians and we talked about Christ’s return. I said, “I would be happy if Jesus came back today. But I would be sad about family members who have not trusted Christ.” This brought tears for Linda as she thought of her sister and brother-in-law. Other girls shared as well. We then took time to pray for each girl’s unsaved family members. As we prayed, I could hear Penina weeping beside me. Would you join with them in praying for their families?

We were also able to check through the book of Ruth. For them it was refreshing to hear how God cares for women. For the single girls, it was a reminder that they can trust God for a godly spouse, just as Ruth did.

We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to translate with our Wusuraambyan coworkers.
Thank you for faithfully standing with us.
Love in Christ,

Andrew Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh