Christmas 2009 in Wusuraambya

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Christmas Greetings from Wusuraambya

Wusuraambya Highlights 2008

Christmas Greetings from the Gouds in Wusuraambya.

We want to once again thank all of you for your prayers during this year of many changes. This picture collage represents many exciting moments in Wusuraambya this year, and also some very sad memories with both our co-workers leaving us for other equally as important ministries as directed by the Holy Spirit. Yet at the same time the Lord has raised up some very important Wusuraambyans to fill the shoes of those who left. Please pray for us as we continue translating and teaching through the New Testament from where we are in Romans. There is new enthusiasm building as the first lessons in Romans are being taught. The highlight of course is the victory we have HAD over past sins, and the victory we can now HAVE over sin as we allow the Holy Spirit to control us and work through us.

Please continue to pray that we would all grow to be more and more like Jesus in our day-to-day activities as we look forward to the moment when Jesus takes us all to be with him. We wish you a blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Christ once again this month. Thank you for your financial support which enables both us and the Wusuraambya believers to continue the work of translating, teaching, and discipleship, and as they prepare to take the next step by reaching beyond their own village borders to teach others the good news that set them free from Satan, sin, and eternal separation from God.

Serving the Lord together,

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh Goud
and Willis, Kena, Jesi, and Josek who are our Wusuraambya co-workers