The Gospel for Wantakia


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Presenting the Gospel in Wusuraambya April 28-30th, 2008 – PLEASE PRAY!

Dear friends

We want to send warm greetings from Papua New Guinea.

Chronological Bible Teaching

As the teaching of the chronological Bible lessons draws to a close we would like to ask for special prayer. On Monday and Tuesday they will be teaching about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Please pray that God’s Spirit will work mightily so that people will be drawn to the teaching. Pray that they will recognize that Christ’s sacrifice is for them personally, so they too may be taken out of Satan’s grasp and be brought into God’ family.

Allow me to share a few testimonies:

Thomas: (husband of Juli who was recently baptized) “This talk is so good. I walk around throughout my day and think about what has been taught. God is really convicting me.” Please pray for Thomas and his wife Jaaklin (Juli’s co-wife) that they will trust in Christ as their Saviour.

Linda: (Do you remember praying for her when her baby got stolen in Goroka when she was at the hospital? Yes, the baby was miraculously returned.) Linda says, “I have seen my mother become a child of God before I have.(her mom was baptized in the last group) She didn’t know how to read and write but she found the truth before I did. I have been going to the other church and have not heard these things. The road that I walk on when I go to the teaching is not long. (45 min walk with two young children!) I will keep coming and finish all the lessons” Pray that Linda will become God’s child.

Enos: has been a compulsive gambler . Jesi said to him a short time ago, “There is a card game going on up there.” Jesi wanted to see if he would be tempted to play. His reply was,” God’s talk is on my mind all the time. That is enough for me. I no longer need cards.” Pray that he and his wife will trust Christ.

Then there are Victori and her husband Bela, Gomaa, Selina, Jaklin (Juuluki’s wife), Keroni, Timoti and his son Maikel, Jemson, Yaanika and Jesika to mention only a few. Wouldn’t it be neat for you to meet them in heaven some day? Please pray diligently all this coming week.

Romans Lessons

Andrew and his translation helper, Jesi, have translated about half of the Romans lessons in the last days. This Wednesday, Andrew and Jesi will fly to Wusuraambya. Andrew will check the work they have done with some other believers to be sure that the lessons are communicating clearly. Please continue to pray for Andrew, Jesi, and me as we continue to work on Romans. It is very slow going as there are many concepts in Romans for which we cannot easily find a word in Wusuraambyan. In the Lord’s strengthen, the job will be completed.

Thanks so much for your part in this ministry through prayer and giving.

Because our Redeemer lives,

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Daniel and Joshua Goud