September 2019



Please pray for Kena


Kena Willis and kidsWe received a call at 2 a.m. that Kena has given birth to their fourth child yesterday. Afterwards however, she has been bleeding and the doctor in the tribe was unable to stop the bleeding. Then weather and time of day prevented the plane from evacuating her to the nearest hospital. Therefore we request urgent prayer for Kena, and also for Willis and the children.

Kena is the lead teacher for the Sunday school and ladies ministry in the tribe as well as heading up the literacy program, leading the local women’s group, providing medical help where needed, along with being a wife and mother of four beautiful children. She is also our adopted daughter, and her children are like grandchildren to us.

Willis is a shepherd to the flock of Wusuraambya believers. He is a prayer warrior, a Bible teacher, an evangelist, and a servant to many. He has been involved in every outreach since (and including) 2005. He has been beaten publicly and privately because of his faith and service to the Lord.

Satan has been unsuccessful at stopping Willis and Kena through other people. Is Kena’s uncontrolled bleeding just another way that Satan is trying to interfere with what God is doing in Wusuraambya? But Jesus said, “on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hades will not overcome it.” (Matthew 16:18) Pray that God will completely heal Kena, and by doing so, defeat Satan’s efforts in Wusuraambya.

Thank you for praying!

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Andrew & Cathy Goud

Believers gone to work, Jesi’s Marriage Struggles, Translation check….

Coffee is the main source of income in the Highlands tribes, but with the increasing costs of fuel and flights little or nothing goes to the grower these days. In contrast, work in the oil palm of West New Britain Province is lucrative and a big attraction to anyone who is motivated to earn a living.

While we can’t blame anyone for wanting to meet the needs of their families we ask you to pray for those who are no longer worshipping with us in Wusuraambya because they are out there working in the oil palm. Pray that they will find fellowship with believers where they are now living. Pray for their health. There is a great deal of malaria and other tropical sickness at sea level where they are now working.

Since it is mostly (though not all) men who have gone to work in the oil palm it is much harder to find capable people for checking translation with Andrew now. Please pray diligently that some of the better translation helpers such as Gemos and Winson would be led to come back and continue working with us as we translate God’s Word into their language.

Another situation that we’d like to bring before you for prayer is Jesi and the arranged marriage which he would much prefer to avoid. His clan arranged with another clan in the Church for him to marry their daughter/sister. But we’re not sure the girl is saved, and Jesi has no intimate feelings toward her. In fact he really doesn’t want to be married until he’s done much more of the New Testament Translation. But there is great cultural pressure for him to marry and other believers are now looking at his refusal to marry her as a poor testimony. He’s even been asked not to teach for a couple of months and this is really hurtful to him. Pray diligently that Jesi would not follow the cultural norm of running away from his “shame” and staying away for months or years before ever returning. He is seeking God’s strength and wisdom in the situation and trusting that God will show him what to do.

Finally, please pray for us as we prepare for another translation check on May 27-29 (this month). We will be checking Romans chapters 3-6 and Ruth 1-4 Lord willing.

Thanks for your part in the ministry to the Wusuraambya people of Papua New Guinea.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always,  pray constantly, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

Please be praying for the Wusuraambya believers who have gone off to work in West New Britain Province in the oil palm.

Sonlight Service in PNG


–>"He is not here. He is risen."

Dear Friends:

We began this morning with a “Sonlight service to celebrate again the Risen Christ”. The “sun” was not visible through the fog but certainly the “Son’s” presence was evident among us. As we gathered together and praised God this morning we reflected on the significance of the resurrection. Romans 8:29 speaks of Jesus as the first-born among many brethren. True, the Scriptures tell us that some died and were raised back to life, but Jesus is the first to be raised to eternal life, and he is now seated at the right hand of God as our Lord and High Priest, interceding for us. It is His blood that was shed for our sin, and as one man noted this morning, if there was no other person on earth but me, Jesus would have died for me alone.

{{56395}} In February we were able to get Romans 1-2 checked by two translation consultants. Kena and her cousin Bilinda were our Wusuraambyan translation helpers. The check went very well. We thanked the Lord for His enablement;. The meaning of the verses came through very clearly!! It was exciting for Kena and Bilinda too, to see God answer prayer. The consultant commented that it was one of the best initial Romans checks that she had done. May all the glory go to the Lord. Now we have courage to continue through the rest of Romans and into the other Epistles. We do covet your prayers as we do not feel adequate for this job and many days it is slow going and we would like someone else to take over. But we press on so that the Wusuraambyan believers can have God’s Word in their language. (Our translation consultant only had time to check two chapters while she was here. We’re waiting for another man to come from the USA to check Romans 3-8 and Ruth 1-4. )

Wusuraambyan Believers
We have had weekly contact via radio with the Wusuraambyan believers. Jesi and Josek continue to work on the revision of the book of Exodus, and Willis, Jesi and Josek take turns teaching from the book of Romans on Wednesdays and the book of Acts on Sundays.

The people are enjoying the lessons. Some of the believers are facing some hard times in their lives. Some have been staying home for the teaching because of various trying circumstances. Last week we encouraged the three Bible teachers to go visit these people in their homes so they could find out what was wrong and encourage them from God’s Word. Please pray for these young babes in Christ, as they continue learning the full significance of all that Christ did for them at Calvary and the position they now hold as believers, citizens of heaven, seated with Christ at the right hand of God.

Andrew to Wusuraambya

In two days Andrew will be going to Wusuraambya to spend time discipling the believers , {{56392}} checking some translation corrections that he’s been working on for Romans, and also going over my translation work on the book of Ruth. Please pray for him that he will have good opportunites to share with the believers and encourage them.

Heidi’s Jaw Surgery
Plans are quickly falling into place for Heidi’s jaw surgery later this year. Medical insurance has now agreed to pay for the surgery; we are responsible for travel and lodging. Heidi’s lower jaw never fully developed, possibly causing her chronic and quite severe headaches. It is hoped that corrective surgery will provide some relief for her. {{56393}}I (Cathy) will be going down to Australia in early September. She has 4 weeks of pre-op appointments leading up to surgery on October 5th. We have been encouraged to see the Lord begin to provide what is needed. Please pray that we will continue to rest in Him as we see Him work out all the details. Heidi and I have never been to Australia without Andrew. We know God will be there with us all the way.

We wanted to thank you for being a vital part of our ministry through your prayer and financial support. The Wusuraambya people thank you too. We wish you could meet them!

May our Risen Lord encourage you in a special way today. In Him we have life. Hallelujah!
In Him,

Andrew , Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh Goud