Christmas 2009 in Wusuraambya

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Report just after teaching about the Law of Moses – March 2008

During this past week at least 60 new people in Wusuraambya heard teaching about the law of Moses. The theme of the lessons that they have been hearing is that we cannot make ourselves acceptable to God by following the Law. Salvation is by grace through faith alone, not of ourselves. (see Ephesians 2:8)

Co-workers Terry and Rosie Banman send the following quotes of people who have just heard teaching on the law. Be encouraged that God is at work in Wusuraambya and please pray for these people that they will stick around for the “rest of the story”, that it is faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross that saves, not anything that we ourselves can do. As they have just seen, if even in our thoughts we break just one of the commandments given to Moses and the Israelites at Sinai, we are separated from God and are on our way to eternal damnation. Only Christ can save us from the punishment of sin.

A few testimonies from Wusuraambya:

Bela: All these stories now that I have heard I have done all these things. In one week and one day I commit how many sins? How can we or in what way can we follow these laws…we are not able to.

Muudaatnuwaai: Turning his head, “Adam and Eve fell or committed only one sin. As for me, I have beat them..I have committed many more sins than one. I do how many sins in one minute or one day. In what way can we be in fellowship with/stap wanbel with God?

A lady: The law pointed directly at me and I am full of shame. What can I do?

Diyana: Yesterday Willis said some of you have cut a finger or hair from loved ones that have died. It was pointing directly at me. When I went to my house I had a lock of hair that was from my dead child that I took and threw away. I told my mother to give me the key for the room to get something. I got a wrapped bundle which has the hair of the dead child and I though I need to throw this away. This day I haven’t walked around…(she’s sitting and thinking).

Jaaklin: During the night I was thinking about marriage. I’ve lusted many times after many men that they would become my lovers/husbands. My thoughts and my eyes have done wrong. When he said that (the law)I just covered my head with my maro as if to touch my child. When I was listening I turned and told some girls that they needed to listen. I wanted them to feel what I felt. I thought he was thinking of me when he was talking and I wanted to turn my head away so he would not see me.

Tomaas: I go into a store and I lust after the stuff. In one day how many times do I fall/sin and break the law. The pile of sins would be bigger than me standing up.

Someone said: The people who are teachers we thought were good but now we see that we are all not good before God.

Saason & Jaaviya: Think about it…when I would go down to the land of the Bokara’s I would look at all the bananas. How many have I taken! Think about this…when we sit down, think about our eyes. We look and they still want to take and lust.