Graduation Day at Numonohi Christian Academy in Papua New Guinea


Graduation Day at Numonohi Christian Academy in Papua New Guinea

Dan’s class set up this tent on Saturday for graduation day. Today is the day! The senior boys slept in the tent overnight to guard the sound and video equipment that was set up yesterday for the event. This morning the seniors followed NCA tradition, leaving for the river at 6 a.m. to go tubing one last time. This afternoon will begin with picture taking, light lunch, graduation, and then an after-grad dinner and all-night party. Many will be departing for their respective countries tomorrow morning on the first flight out of Goroka. Please pray for the seniors as they leave their homes for a whole new life away from the people they grew up with.

Teachers URGENTLY needed in Papua New Guinea

We just received a letter from the staff of our mission school in Papua New Guinea. The staffing situation is desperate for the 2011-2012 school year beginning in July 2011. We have no teachers for Math and Science and only partial coverage for English, Social Studies and PE. Dorm parents are also desperately needed. Dorm parents care for the children of missionaries who are working in the tribes, translating and teaching God’s Word. Without dorm parents they will have to leave the tribes they work in and live near the mission school.

Please be in fervent prayer for these staffing needs. If you are a teacher or know of a teacher who would be willing to go to Papua New Guinea for a year or two to help, please be in touch with us or access the following website for more information:

Wusuraambya Airstrip shuts down for maintenance…..


Because the surface of the airstrip has become very rough due to water erosion, it became necessary to close it on August 5.  Drainage ditches are needed along each side of the airstrip as well as addition maintenance. Since the airstrip closed, we have heard that the Wusuraambya  people are working hard on the required maintenance. When Andrew goes in Sept. 24 he will fly in to a neighbouring airstrip and hike for about an hour (if the trail is dry) to get to our home. Please pray that people will stay motivated to complete all the necessary repairs so that the airstrip can be reopened soon.

Goud children begin new school year at Numonohi Christian Academy

After nearly two months in the tribe for summer vacation, our children have begun another school year at Numonohi Christian Academy. Josh is now in middle school (grade7) and Dan, Ben and Heidi are in highschool, in grades 9, 10 and 12.  Heidi is on the softball team and Ben is on the volleyball team.  All four children enjoy interacting with friends.  We thank the Lord for dedicated staff who seek to be a godly example to the children. Please pray for Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh, as well as us as parents, that our love for our Lord would grow stronger each day.


Believers teaching in Romans 12, giving our bodies to God

During these next two weeks the believers in Wusuraambya will be taught from Romans 12 concerning the aspect of giving their bodies to God as living sacrifices for Him to use as He desires. Pray for the believers as they discern what this really means.  If we give our hands to God would we continue to use our hands to steal or play cards (gambling) or fight?  No, God would not desire to use our hands in that way. If we give our mouths to God, would we say harsh words of hatred towards people who hurt us? No, God would rather use our mouths to speak the words of love contained in the Gospel.  Pray that we would not only be teaching these thoughts to the believers but also have practical opportunities to teach our children how to apply these truths in their young lives. Pray too that we as a couple will noticeably apply God’s Word in our day-to-day lives.

Students of INTERFACE come to Wusuraambya

S7300549Several times a year groups of young people who wish to “check out” missions, come to the college-level missions program known as “Interface” here in PNG. (Click on this link to find out more:  Interface PNG) As part of their program they visit a tribal location.   The day they wanted to fly in, the weather was TERRIBLE with clouds right down to the ground!   The team never did make it in the first day, and the second day there was only a window of time for them to get in before the clouds set in again. Despite having to slosh through the MUD, they had a wonderful time of fellowship with the Wusuraambya believers.

ITF Team


Heidi and Cathy leave for Australia on September 7 for Heidi’s jaw surgery

It is only a short time now until Cathy and Heidi travel to Australia for Heidi’s jaw surgery. They will fly down on September 7th.  Heidi has 4 pre-op appointments with the surgeon beginning on September 9th and  the actual operation is scheduled for October 5th. They will stay for two weeks after the surgery for additional appointments before returning to PNG on Oct. 20. Please pray for Heidi as this will not be a pleasant experience, and for all of us as we are separated for 6 weeks.