Christmas 2009 in Wusuraambya

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The Wusuraambya “J-Team” hard at work

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Wusuraambya!

Thank you once again for faithfully praying for both ourselves and the Wusuraambya people. The church is doing fairly well. I was encouraged by the Wednesday night Bible Study last week which was attended by around 60 people, a pretty good turnout for a midweek gathering after a hard day’s work down in the gardens, etc, etc.. On Sundays we seem to be averaging around 60 adults and just as many children.

In the Wednesday Bible Studies we are going through the book of Romans which is keeping us men busy trying to have the lessons checked and polished, and the Scripture portions as accurate as possible by the time they are used for teaching. During this trip into the tribe I’m trying to make sure the teachers are ready for a full month of lessons since we’ll be tied up during the school break and Highlands annual conference midmonth. My next trip into the tribe will be the last week of March Lord willing.

On Sundays we are continuing through the book of Acts. So basically on Sundays the believers are learning the function of the Church, and on Wednesdays they are learning how to live their lives in Christ and under the control of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the believers will learn to apply the various truths that they are taught each week.

In town our children are all doing quite well with school and extracurricular activities. They all enjoy sports which keeps us hopping, because we live about 15 minutes drive from the center and every activity means another trip. Some days I’ve made 3 and even 4 trips in a single day to drop off or pickup one of the kids for school, sports, class meetings, etc… Rental vehicles and flights into the tribe are a financial strain but we know that financial stress is an ever-present reality in the world today! We would appreciate your prayers though as we continue through this year and next – until Heidi graduates and leaves the field in 2010. One very financial need this year is Heidi’s jaw surgery. She is scheduled for surgery in Australia later this year which is EXTREMELY expensive, yet will hopefully relieve her of the severe headaches she’s had for years already. The orthodontist here in PNG has been working with her to move her teeth into the position where they need to be AFTER the surgery, but the interim effect is not very appealing! So she really would appreciate your prayers that everything would come together in the right time.

Cathy has been working away on the book of Ruth, but progress is slow with her other responsibilities as a mother and the many interruptions both where we live right now and also at the school. Pray that she will be able to finish her first complete translation project soon and find encouragement to keep going with the next book. I need her help!

Living out of the tribe and away from the believers, it is much harder to stay focused on our first priority of translation and lessons preparation with so many other things pulling at us daily. Never-the-less we do know that this is what God has for us right now and we consider it a privilege to serve wherever He would have us to serve. With the goal of eventually delivering a complete New Testament to the Wusuraambya believers, we do need to keep focused as much as possible though. Please pray for us daily in that regard. We have some special help out here in the tribe with Jesi, Josek and Jeri, our three “J-men” who are busy full-time in my office helping with correcting and revising both lessons and Scripture. Right now they are spending every available minute getting the book of Exodus reading for recording, an important step in making a translation flow naturally in the language of the people. With their help I expect to see the book of Exodus ready for final consultant check in the not TOO distant future.

Well, that’s about all the news for the moment. I’ve copied a list of field needs below which you might be interested in perusing. Notice that there are some very urgent personnel needs in PNG. There are many different roles that need to be filled in order to keep tribal missionaries in the tribes. If you know anyone who might be a candidate for one of the positions listed below, please have them contact NTM in Canada at (519) 369-2622 or in Sanford, Florida at (407) 323-3430 for more information on how they can be involved in these important ministries.

Have a great day!

Andrew for the Goud Crowd.