Outreach begins Monday in Wusuraambya


Dear praying friends,

Please be praying as the Wusuraambya believers begin a new outreach into the village where we live on Monday afternoon, April 16. There has been much anticipation in the village after the believers came together last weekend to build a large shelter for the teaching.

  • Pray for the believers as they prepare to co-teach through the Bible beginning with creation
  • Pray for good and consistent attendance throughout the 3-1/2 months of teaching
  • Pray that the unbelievers will recognize their need for Christ
  • Pray that Satan would be prevented from interrupting the teaching in any way (previously someone burnt down the teaching house just before the Gospel was presented and many people never returned for the most important part of the teaching)

Thanks for your partnership in seeing our Wusuraambya neighbours freed from Satan’s stronghold.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew & Cathy Goud




March 2012 – Believers ready to begin new outreach in Wusuraambya

Wusuraambya Outreach about to begin

Greetings from the Gouds in Papua New Guinea. We have just heard that the believers in Wusuraambya have been welcomed to a Yinowaimwaaru to begin teaching Phase 1 of the Chronological Bible teaching that they first heard in 2005. This is bout an hour walk from home for the believers. Friday, March 5th they will go to build an open shelter for teaching under during the rainy season.

Please be praying for the believers as they share their faith with these people, and pray that the people will be receptive to the truths they are about to hear.

Thanks for praying!