Support missionaries urgently needed to keep tribal missionaries at work……

Since arriving back in Canada we have been able to continue writing Bible lessons for the Wusuraambya Church. These lessons are being emailed to the NTM-Highlands office in Papua New Guinea, then put onto a memory stick, and then sent by plane into the remote Wusuraambya tribe, deep in the mountains of that rugged country. Our translation helper Jesi then takes the memory stick to his village office 20 minutes walk from the airstrip where he has a solar panel, battery, invertor and netbook computer. He plugs in the memory stick into his computer, checks and edits the lessons that were prepared in Canada, and when satisfied that they are accurate in his language he prints out the lessons, studies them with the other Bible teachers, and then teaches them in the church there.

The problem this week was that Jesi’s printer quit working, a major set back in the whole amazing process! So someone from our Highlands headquarters went out and purchased a new printer and cartridge on our behalf which will be flown into Wusuraambya on the 20th of October. The pilot will install the printer for Jesi and make sure its working properly. What would we do without support missionaries like pilots, supply buyers, teachers, dorm parents, and so on? And what would we do without the financial and prayer support from here in our home countries?

If you sense that God is leading you to help keep Bible Lessons and Scripture flowing to the Wusuraambya tribe in Papua New Guinea, or if you sense that the Lord is leading you into a supporting missionary role or even to become a tribal church planting missionary yourself, please click on the “PARTICIPATE” tab above or write us at for more information. Thank you for your participation in planting indigenous tribal churches around the world.


Christmas 2009 in Wusuraambya

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