God says “Yes” about Sirah

SirahDear Praying Friends,

Thanks for praying for Sirah and for the surgeons this morning.  Here is the surgeon’s own words tonight:  “The Lord did indeed help us today with her surgery. Thanks for your prayers and those of your supporters. The spleen was very huge and had some enormous blood vessels supplying it. It took us a while as we carefully had to suture each of these. She did not loose too much blood but since she was low to start with and lost about a unit we gave her two packs of blood. She is stable post operatively and has an acceptable blood count…….”

Isn’t it great when God says “Yes” to our prayers?  The surgeon would like Sirah to stay at least a week before beginning her journey home again to ensure that she doesn’t rupture anything so soon after surgery.  Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Thanks again for praying. God is listening!

In Christ,

Andrew & Cathy

Christmas 2009 in Wusuraambya

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