Christmas 2018



Baptism brings tears to eyes in Wusuraambya……

This morning began with preparing an earth oven with food for over 100 people. After all the sweet potatoes, taro, squash, etc., was peeled and loaded into the earth oven (a big hole in the ground with hot coals and red-hot stones) the believers went to the river to wash. They then gathered in the church building where we sang and prayed and explained what would be happening once we got to the river.

At the river there was more singing, followed by prayer and then some teaching about what baptism is and isn’t. Baptism doesn’t wash away our sins. We don’t receive God’s Spirit through baptism. It’s not to join the “church” (the body of Christ). Baptism is a testimony, a statement of what Christ has done for us: he died for us, was buried for us, and was raised from the dead to new life. So the dunking into the water is the picture of the death and burial of Christ, and rising out of the water is a picture of the resurrection.

After reading various Scriptures and explaining the meaning of baptism, the new believers each gave their testimony, each a clear and unique testimony of God’s grace. One of the five was a powerful witch doctor, now to be a powerful witness for Christ.

Among others, Jethro (Andrew’s former language and translation helper – and now witch doctor) and his wife both had tears in their eyes as they heard these testimonies and witnessed these baptisms.

Thank you for praying for these five. Please also be praying for at least four others who hope to be baptized while our former co-workers Terry and Rosie Banman are here next week. Pray also for the upcoming wedding of Josek and Goma (scheduled for this coming Sunday – New Years day).

Serving together in Christ,
Andrew & Cathy Goud