Wusuraambya Highlights – October 2015





Kneeling as Darryl Jordan prays committing their marriage to God

Willis, a Wusuraambyan Bible teacher in Papua New Guinea, and his fiancé, Kena, planned a church wedding in order to demonstrate the Biblical principles for marriage.

Normally in the Wusuraambya culture there is no set date for a wedding. If one of the young women becomes pregnant, the couple then make payment arrangements, build a house and are considered married.

There are many young couples of marriageable age in the village and Willis and Kena want to create a model for other believers to imitate.

Last weekend they had a marriage ceremony in the church with a message on marriage. They had prayer together and made commitment statements to each other. Then they planted a “victory plant” together to symbolize their commitment.

Willis has taught evangelistic Bible lessons and is a leader in the fledgling Wusuraambyan church. Pray for Willis and Kena as they begin their life together. Pray also that they will be examples of godliness to other young couples.