48 Hour New Years Day


Dear Friends,

Thank you once again for your faithful prayer and financial support in 2014.  Just before the end of the year we received news that Dad Goud had collapsed with cardiac arrest and was in ICU. Cathy had been Skyping with Mom Goud over the weekend and knew Dad was having trouble breathing. When we heard that he was in ICU Monday morning, and not knowing whether he would survive, we felt that it was important for me to fly home immediately.

Normally between Christmas and New Year’s we see very few planes in the Wusuraambya valley. But when I called MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) Monday morning, they told me that a plane was coming into the area shortly.  The only question would be whether there would be space for me.  As it was however, some of the passengers didn’t show up so within 1-1/2 hours of making the decision for me to go, I was on the way to Goroka. That afternoon I went on the internet with my cousin Sylvia Krobel who is a missionary at our field HQ, and together we were able to find tickets at a reasonable cost, leaving the next morning.  I would have arrived in London, Ontario New Year’s Eve had the plane not had mechanical problems in Los Angeles. As it was I was delayed by a day and arrived in London New Years day afternoon.

Dad is still in ICU after nearly two weeks and expected to be in hospital for at least two more months.  He is communicating much better than the first days.  His breathing tube is being removed right now.  Please pray that he would be able to breath without the help of machines now.

What I didn’t expect was to be able to see Heidi, Ben and Dan while here in Canada this visit. When Ben and Dan heard about their grandfather collapsing, and about me coming, they both hopped on planes and came to join me here for 9 days.  That was a very nice surprise. Heidi was already here when I arrived, with plans to return to school a few days later.  So we had several days altogether before Heidi flew out.

In the meantime Cathy and Josh are still in Wusuraambya.  Josh will be flying out for school on the 13th and I should be arriving back in PNG on the 16th.  I hope to be able to fly back into the tribe on the 19th if I can find a plane going that way.

Please be praying for the Wusuraambya church right now, especially for the leaders.  They have been through a number of difficult trials lately.  They had been planning an outreach to a village on the south border of our language area when one of the primary Bible teachers suddenly left for town. Josek was being ridiculed because he wasn’t working to help his clan members with school fees, etc.. So he has gone to find work in town to help with those costs. Willis was in shock when he heard that Josek had left so suddenly, as were we. He’s not sure he can do this outreach alone along with his other responsibilities.

Its hard to face trials like these, yet the apostle James tells us, “whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything.”  (NLT James 1:2-4) We know this to be true from personal experience, yet its never easy in the midst of these trials.

Thanks again for praying for us and the Wusuraambya church,

Andrew & Cathy

Thanks for praying!

The end of a journey – rejoicing with the Lord


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39


Dear Friends:

Thank you for your faithful prayers these last weeks.

We have received word of Sirah’s passing. She has completed the race and is now rejoicing with the Lord. She has been a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and will be missed for a long time to come.

Please continue to pray for Sirah’s family and friends who will have to find a way to transport her body from the hospital to Wusuraambya, a complicated journey of several hours by road followed by a 35 minute flight to the tribe.

A few months ago while Sirah was helping Cathy translate Luke 4:40 she noticed how every person who Jesus laid his hands on was healed, and she thought about how good it would be to have been there at that time and to be healed of this “thing” growing in her stomach. Well, Sirah has been healed, but not in the manner that she expected. Let’s rejoice with her!

Andrew & Cathy

Sirah to be with the Lord this weekend


Dear Friends,

We received word from the doctor that Sirah’s condition has continued to decline. Here is what he wrote us yesterday:

“Dear Friends,
I am sorry to say that Sirah seems to be getting worse today. She had seemed stable for a few days but I think she may be close to heaven now. Her White Blood Cell Count jumped up to 34,000 and her hemoglobin dropped again to 7.5 gm. She is getting blood this evening. I think she probably has more dead bowel in her abdomen. Short of a miracle I think she may not make it through the weekend. I am very sorry that things turned out so dismally medically. I had prayer with her father and the watchmeri. Sirah is still awake and alert. Thanks for all your prayers. ”

Please pray for Sirah as she prepares to meet the Lord in glory. Pray for Daasilin who has been by her side for the last weeks. She went with Sirah expecting her to have the operation and return in a couple of weeks. She would never have expected this outcome.

Pray for Sirah’s father Elias who is also by her side these last days. Pray the Sirah’s testimony would impact him deeply and cause him to turn to the Lord for salvation.

Pray for Sirah’s mother who is still in Wusuraambya and will likely not see her daughter again this side of heaven.

We are so thankful for the time we’ve had with Sirah and the wonderful testimony she has been of God’s love.

Thanks once again for praying!

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh Goud

Sirah’s condition critical after second surgery


Thank you all for continuing to pray for Sirah.  Praise God for the people he has brought alongside to care for Sirah’s needs.

The surgeon did operate again last week to attempt to resolve the internal bleeding issue but by the time he had removed five feet of dead bowel Sirah’s state was too unstable to continue with the operation. Also after five units of blood the supply was depleted and we now wait for the blood bank to be resupplied and for Sirah to regain enough strength to withstand yet another major operation.  Please pray for strength for Sirah and for donors with the right blood type.

In the meantime Heidi was offered some part-time work this week.  In fact in one morning she was contacted by four different places offering work!  She is thrilled to be working finally and thankful for what God has been teaching through these last weeks.

Thanks again for praying with us.  God is listening! :-)

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh Goud

More Surgery for Sirah?


Dear Praying Friends:

Thanks for continuing to pray for Sirah.  While there has been some improvement over the past week she continues to bleed internally and her doctor would like to do more surgery to try to stop the bleeding.  He is asking for her family’s permission to operate again and also for blood donors.

On a happier note, Heidi has been promised part-time work pending a security check that is in progress.  Please continue to pray for other employment opportunities that would enable her to return to Bible school in August.

Thanks once again for praying with us.

In Christ,

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh

Cathy – Heidi – Andrew – Ben – Josh – Dan (Port Stanley, Ontario June 2013)

Sirah Improving – Thanks for Praying!


Good news from Papua New Guinea!  The surgeon reported this morning that Sirah is improving once again and if she continues to do as well as she is right now she could be released from hospital sometime soon.  She does have a condition known as “esophageal varices,” and also some other complications which could continue to give her some trouble in the future. We do however know that God is in control and nothing is too hard for God to fix. Thanks for praying for Sirah and her doctors during these last weeks.  Please continue to pray that she would grow stronger in the days to come and be completely healed of these continuing ailments.

In Christ,

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh Goud


Update on Sirah Elias


Missionary friends in Papua New Guinea stopped in to check on Sirah yesterday. What our friends reported about their encounter with Sirah reminds me of the passage from Philippians 1:21-26 

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me.”

Sirah’s condition is critical. She needs more surgery to stop internal bleeding but is too weak to endure another major operation right now. Pray for God’s intervention. But while you are praying be encouraged by the following exerpts from the conversation between Sirah and our missionary friends yesterday:

“After receiving your prayer update last night we felt it was important for us to stop at Kudjip on our way and spend some time perhaps encouraging and praying with Sirah. The truth is they ended up encouraging me!!!”

“Sirah is in a lot of pain and when asked what I could share with you and Andrew she said to ask you to pray for her as she has blood coming out in her stool and is also vomiting blood. I relayed that hundreds, possibly even thousands of family in Christ Jesus have been praying and that you both have been faithful to share her story with others so that many have been praying for her, she is not alone.” 

“Sirah said that she is thinking a lot about Jesus and remembering that He suffered great pain on the cross so her pain is small and nothing. She started to beam as she talked about Bible story after Bible story and recalling the greatness of our mighty God.”

“We storied about the temple in the desert and the tabernacle and Holy of Holies…she just BEAMED as she jumped in to carry on the story of how the curtain was torn at the crucifixion of Christ and that meant that we can go directly to God and not through anyone else.”

“…. it made my heart BEAM to see the precious smile on her face and to hear her share from her heart all the many details ….about who God is!”

“…..she (Sirah) is afraid but TRUSTING the Lord through this.”

“She shared with Dr.Jim’s wife that she is burdened greatly for this work as there are few that have helped and are desiring to help and that burdens her heart.”

“PRAISE HIM!!! She is a beautiful fruit of your labors! May your hearts be encouraged by the testimony that she has been to the Doctors and staff and fellow patients and to me personally!! They shared verses that encouraged them. John 14:14 “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.”, 2 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” , and she said to tell you that she wants to give you the verse 1 Corinthians 16:24 “My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

We know that whatever happens to Sirah, she will continue to praise God for eternity. But we would love to see her smiling face when we return to Papua New Guinea. Please pray for complete healing and that she would continue to be a light wherever she goes.  ——————————————————————————————————————–

Andrew & Cathy Goud, New Tribes Mission, Box 1079, Goroka, EHP 441 Papua New Guinea
 HQ: New Tribes Mission of Canada, Box 707, Durham, ON N0G 1R0  (519) 369-2622

Urgent Prayer Needed for Sirah and Jesi



Dear Friends, many of you know that Sirah had her spleen surgically removed just before we left PNG last week.  At first the operation appeared to be successful but earlier this week she took a turn for the worse, losing  a fair amount of blood.  Then yesterday the doctor reported that she was doing better again and expected to be released next week, but today she started bleeding again.  We just received this prayer request from her doctor:  “Dear Friends, I regret to inform you that Sirah had another bleeding spell last night probably from her esophageal varices. We had to give her two more units of blood. Please have your folks pray for her and for wisdom and skill for me to know what to do. We may have to do more surgery for this. Also have your people pray here and at home against any spiritual warfare that may be involved. thanks, JIM”  Thank you all for praying for Sirah. We know that God is in control and he has not forgotten about Sirah or turned his back on her.

Another matter for prayer is Jesi’s hand. Just as we were leaving for Canada Jesi slipped with a knife and partially severed three fingers on his left hand, two of which still have no feeling or movement after being stitched by a local nurse. We depend heavily on both Jesi and Sirah for translation help, and they are also our very close friends. Pray for healing and pray that God will strengthen their faith in him even through these difficult circumstances.

Finally we ask for prayer for our daughter Heidi.  She has been diligently knocking on doors throughout the city trying desperately to find summer employment.  Pray for the right job to help pay for her education.

“ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,l whom have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NIV)

Andrew & Cathy Goud, New Tribes Mission, Box 1079, Goroka, EHP 441 Papua New Guinea
HQ: New Tribes Mission of Canada, Box 707, Durham, ON N0G 1R0  (519) 369-2622

Reaction to Daaren’s death


We just chatted with our Wusuraambya friends, Kena and Willis. Kena shared how they had gone to the house of mourning for Daaren.  Daaren’s father Sailas has been sharing freely with others that his son is now happy in the presence of his Lord. He has been chanting songs of joy instead of the traditional mourning songs of despair. This has been a huge testimony to those who have not trusted Christ as their Saviour yet.

We also heard that another young Wusuraambyan man who works another shift at the same company where Daaren worked, almost touched where Daaren touched causing the accident, only hours before. He could have died and gone to a Christless eternity. Thankfully Daaren was ready to meet his Saviour. Please join your Wusuraambyan brothers and sisters in Christ as they pray for this young man, Dan, as well as the other unbelievers, particularly Daaren’s brothers that they would come to Christ through Daaren’s death. God does not waste opportunities to draw people to Himself. He has each of our lives mapped out, and He has our final day marked on His calendar. Let’s make each day count for Him.



God says “Yes” about Sirah


SirahDear Praying Friends,

Thanks for praying for Sirah and for the surgeons this morning.  Here is the surgeon’s own words tonight:  “The Lord did indeed help us today with her surgery. Thanks for your prayers and those of your supporters. The spleen was very huge and had some enormous blood vessels supplying it. It took us a while as we carefully had to suture each of these. She did not loose too much blood but since she was low to start with and lost about a unit we gave her two packs of blood. She is stable post operatively and has an acceptable blood count…….”

Isn’t it great when God says “Yes” to our prayers?  The surgeon would like Sirah to stay at least a week before beginning her journey home again to ensure that she doesn’t rupture anything so soon after surgery.  Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Thanks again for praying. God is listening!

In Christ,

Andrew & Cathy

Urgent Prayer for Sirah


SirahPlease pray for Sirah. Sirah is one of Cathy’s regular translation helpers now, but she has had a very swollen belly for years.  With the help and encouragement of others we were able to bring Sirah to Goroka and have her checked by our own mission doctor.  XRays and ultrasound showed that Sirah’s spleen is 5 times the normal size and must be removed.  The surgeons at a Nazarene hospital here in PNG have graciously agreed to do the necessary surgery to remove Sirah’s spleen. So today two Wusuraambya believers accompanied Sirah to the hospital, a 4 hour drive along rough roads, and the surgery to remove her spleen is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  (PNG time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time).   Please pray for the doctors and for Sirah as they perform the surgery tomorrow.  Thank You!

In His Service,

Andrew & Cathy Goud


Wusuraambya Believer with the Lord



2 Corinthians 5:6-8  “Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. We live by faith, not by sight. We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.” (NIV)

Daaren Sailas, a Wusuraambya believer who was about 19 years old, was electrocuted  at work in Port Moresby this evening while touching a light switch with wet hands.

As most of the Wusuraambya believers have not experienced the death of a believer yet,  please pray that they will be able to see Daaren’s death from God’s perspective (and also Daaren’s perspective).  Only a short time ago Daaren was really struggling with loneliness while in Port Moresby.  Tonight he is with his Savior and will enjoy the rest of eternity with God.  Pray that the believers will not be caught up in the mourning rites of the unsaved community who still try to appease the spirits of the dead, thinking that if they don’t do the right thing, the spirits will return and cause sickness and death in their community. Pray that they will be able to rejoice with Daaren and encourage others to put their faith in Christ in order to receive the same hope that Daaren had when he died.

Thanks for praying!

Andrew & Cathy Goud




Translation check completed two days ahead of schedule


Thanks for praying everyone.

During the last three days we have been able to check all of Jonah, Romans, Ephesians, Titus, Philemon and Jude.  We finished yesterday, two days ahead of schedule. We’ll now correct some minor problems discovered during the check and then will be free to print and distribute all these books to the believers.


During the check we read passage by passage to our helpers Winson, Daasilin, and Kena, who in turn told the consultant in Pidgin English what they understood from each passage. The consultant could then determine whether all of the meaning was clearly communicated in the translation or whether certain things weren’t understood well enough the way they were translated. Some passages in Romans and Ephesians were too difficult for the translation helpers to translate into Pidgin English, so they told us in their own language what they heard and we translated what they said for the consultant.  Its amazing how they could often listen to even a whole page of Bible text and repeat most of the essential details  after only one reading!  They could even remember most of the details of some very long passages in Romans.  We are so thankful for the help God has given us to translate his Word!

We’re also thankful for Jason Stuart, one of our only PNG translation consultants.  Many of our consultants have retired or left for other reasons. So Jason is taking the brunt of the load of checking translation for translators throughout all of Papua New Guinea right now.  This means many hours away from his wife and young children. Pray for more people who would be willing and able to help with translation consulting.  Each book that is translated must be checked and approved by a trained consultant before it can be released to the church. So this is an essential step in the long process of translating the Bible.

Thanks again for praying for us during this check.  We’ll be flying back to Wusuraambya on Tuesday. The next books to be checked will be 1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, and 1 Thessalonians.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew & Cathy Goud

New Tribes Mission – Papua New Guinea

Nomadic Wusuraambya Christians


January, 2013

Dear friends,

First of all we want to wish you all the Lord’s richest blessings in 2013.  God has given us a new year to use for his glory. May He find us faithful in the work He has given each of us to do.  May you find joy and peace each new day as you shine for Him.  

We thoroughly enjoyed having Dan and Josh home for their school break.  We of course missed having Heidi and Ben with us. The weather was sunny most days, quite unexpected for Wusuraambya at Christmas time.  We were able to hike out to the water fall as well as the water hole.  The boys also enjoyed playing volleyball with the Wusuraambyans. The boys worked on the road and small bridges so that it would be easier for us to get around on our ATV.  Celebrating Christ’s birth as a family was wonderful. Without His coming our lives would lack meaning and purpose.

Wusuraambyan Christmas Conference
The believers decided to have a Christmas Conference. They met each day from Christmas Day through to the following Sunday. The theme was the prophesies about Christ in the Old Testament and how they were fulfilled in Christ. They also talked about how the authors of the Epistles looked back at the life of Christ. Willis, Josek and Andrew all took turns teaching. The conference was well attended. On Christmas Day the Sunday school children sang songs, recited memory verses and listened attentively as Emelin their teacher taught the Christmas story from Luke 2 while I put the flannel graph pictures up. It was a wonderful day of celebration. 

On December 30 we as a church all hiked down to the water hole. Four believers were baptized. It was a day of rejoicing for Willis, Enuyaas, Kenyol and Jesi  (four brothers) as they saw their little sister Devuraak get baptized. Her husband Iso joined her. Tolai ( husband of the powerful witch doctor Wuvaringak who was saved and baptized earlier) and his daughter Satuwe also gave testimony of salvation through Christ’s finished work on the cross and were baptized. Pray for these young believers that they will grow in their love for their Saviour and stand strong as they face temptations.  

Translation helpers
Jesi, Andrew’s translation helper has faced some family and personal struggles. He took some time off to work through things. We were hoping that by the new year he would be ready to come back to work, while happily he did later in January.  It is really nice to see the joy of the Lord once again evident in Jesi’s life. My translation helpers Jenilaa and Emelin have also left the tribe for a while. After several years of working with these girls, they are able to give a passage back to me from memory after I read it to them. To train new girls for checking translation is a big job. Please pray that these girls will come back soon. Also pray for the girls I am now training.  They are excited about helping with translation checking.  (The list of books needing to be checked by trained translation consultants is growing quite long. We were hoping to have quite a few of them  ready for checking in May.  Losing our help for a while did slow us down a bit, a disappointment to us but no surprise to God.  The books that are nearly ready for the final consultant check include the rest of Romans, Ephesians, 1 Timothy,  Titus, Philemon, Jude, and Jonah.  1 Corinthians is in its first draft and also being worked on. )

Believers moving to town
After all the troubles shipping the coffee beans  last year there is very little money available for school fees, bride prices, and other personal needs.  As a result  many Wusuraambyans are going to town to find work, and also many others are going to town to go to school. We’ve counted at least 30 believers who have left the tribe during the last months leaving a noticeable empty space  in the church building on Sundays.

Please pray for the believers in the various towns, that they would not be drawn away from the Lord by the pleasures of this world. Pray that they would faithfully read God’s Word and pray, and that they would find fellowship with other believers. Please pray that Daanol, a young man from our village, would have a chance to teach his mom chronologically through the Bible and that she would come to trust Christ as her Saviour.  Daanol’s cousin Bene(my helper in our home and literacy teacher),  has also gone to town. Pray that she and Daanol would encourage each other in their faith. Both are young believers.

Dan’s future plans
Dan will be graduating from high school May 29. He is therefore busy applying to a number of schools to further his education. Pray for clear direction for him, and that he would have peace about whatever door the Lord opens for him. Please continue to pray for Dan and Josh for encouragement in the dorm and at school.  Their academic load is fairly heavy.

Thanks you for being our faithful prayer warriors. Thank you for faithfully giving for our ministry here.

Let’s trust God together for HIS WORK here in Wusuraambya.

Love in Christ,

Andrew, Cathy, Dan and Josh Goud

Please pray for Josep Willis


Dear Praying Friends:

As you already know, the Wusuraambya church has been through many trials during these last months. Because of the attacks against Willis, Jesi, and their family, both Willis and Jesi have stepped down from teaching responsibilities until things settle down a bit. The situation with Lucy has been difficult for all of them too. While she is safe for the moment she lives in hiding and in fear of the man who abducted her last week. 

This has been a very difficult time for Willis especially who understands that as believers we have become Satan’s enemies and will be tried and tempted throughout our earthly lives. Satan is determined to make us ineffective for the Kingdom. But being on the front lines and under constant fire can wear down even the strongest of believers.

Last night we invited Willis and Kena over with the kids to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. While they were here, Josep was the center of attention, but sadly not because of his fun and lively character, but because he is quite sick with diarrhea or dysentery.  Pray that we can get the medicines needed into little Josep without him vomiting them all back up again.  Pray for some relief from the variety of trials that this family has had to endure lately. The Lord who set Lucy free in seemingly impossible circumstances last week can also bring healing to Josep and his family.  Pray for encouragement for the church as a whole too. God is still in control and able to help them through every trial that they experience.  Thanks for your continuing prayers for the Wusuraambya church. 

“We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)Image

Lucy is home tonight!


After four days and three nights in captivity Lucy arrived home tonight saying she didn’t know how she got there, that it seemed like she flew. We also heard that during the first night her captor was very fearful, feeling that there was a crowd watching him, thinking that men were coming to fight, to take Lucy. Were God’s angels surrounding Lucy to protect her this week? Only God knows. But today after reading about Peter’s release from jail through the help of an angel, and how the believers had been meeting together praying for him, we all prayed for the same outcome for Lucy. It was VERY exciting when we learned tonight that Lucy had escaped and was back home.

There is supposed to be another village court tomorrow about this whole situation. Please pray that God would intervene and be glorified by the outcome of tomorrow’s court. Thank you for your faithful prayers!

In Christ,

Andrew & Cathy

Urgent Prayer needed for Lucy and the Wusuraambya Bible Church


Dear friends and prayer warriors.

Please join us in much needed prayer for Lucy. Lucy is Kena’s sister and has been taken captive by a very evil man with the intention of marriage. She is being held now for the third consecutive night and is terribly afraid of being raped b this man. She was just about to begin her exams on Monday when she was dragged off by this man. Please pray diligently that she would be set free from this situation and that justice would prevail.

Pray also for the believers in Wusuraambya who have been going through one trial after another during the past several weeks. Both Willis and Jesi have asked for time off of teaching because of all that they have been through lately.

Thank you for praying with us through these difficult days in Wusuraambya.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew and Cathy Goud

Pray for Wusuraambya


The Wusuraambya believers have just completed the third week of teaching in our village along the airstrip. There are a number of people coming faithfully who have never been to church and have no prior teaching. Pray that they will continue to come faithfully for the duration of the 3-1/2 long course and come to a full understand and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A few days ago a local “church” put out a strong notice that “anyone who goes to this teaching of the

‘Sunday’ church will be committing adultery against the true church, the Saturday church. Furthermore, they will be beheaded by the Sunday church people.”

While the threat of being beheaded seems bazaar to us, many people obviously believed it because the numbers of those coming to this teaching dropped by 40% the next day. Many of those people were thrilled with what they were hearing directly from Scripture and how clearly scripture speaks to us. Pray that they will be able to overcome their fear of these idle threats, that they would be released from bondage to Satan and come and hear, understand, and be saved through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew & Cathy Goud

Wusuraambya, Papua New Guinea

Day 2 of the latest Wusuraambya Outreach


Thank you all for praying.  The first two days have been fairly well attended by about 180 men, women, and children. It is nice to see believers bringing friends and family to the teaching. It was especially nice to see Jethro here the last two days with his wives and children.  This morning he came with his children to help get the tractor up and running again and to cut the airstrip.  He showed us his child who was born prematurely and considered “rubbish” by his wife when she saw how tiny the little girl was.  Jethro insisted that she take care of the baby though because it was a life that God had given. The baby was so small that she could hold it in one hand and wash it with the other.  She is the one with the orange shirt in this picture.

We are concerned that most of those who expressed a strong desire to hear this teaching have not been present the first two days for various reasons.  Pray that they will come tomorrow and be faithful for the rest of the teaching.

Pray for the teachers too.  Yesterday Willis’s eye was injured by a branch which really concerned us all when his eye was covered with blood. Thankfully today he is doing much better again and there is no apparently long-term damage.  We know there will be more attempts by Satan to prevent people from hearing God’s Word here in this village

Thanks again for praying.

In Christ,

Andrew & Cathy

Outreach begins Monday in Wusuraambya



Dear praying friends,

Please be praying as the Wusuraambya believers begin a new outreach into the village where we live on Monday afternoon, April 16. There has been much anticipation in the village after the believers came together last weekend to build a large shelter for the teaching.

  • Pray for the believers as they prepare to co-teach through the Bible beginning with creation
  • Pray for good and consistent attendance throughout the 3-1/2 months of teaching
  • Pray that the unbelievers will recognize their need for Christ
  • Pray that Satan would be prevented from interrupting the teaching in any way (previously someone burnt down the teaching house just before the Gospel was presented and many people never returned for the most important part of the teaching)

Thanks for your partnership in seeing our Wusuraambya neighbours freed from Satan’s stronghold.

Serving together in Christ,

Andrew & Cathy Goud



Baptism brings tears to eyes in Wusuraambya……


This morning began with preparing an earth oven with food for over 100 people. After all the sweet potatoes, taro, squash, etc., was peeled and loaded into the earth oven (a big hole in the ground with hot coals and red-hot stones) the believers went to the river to wash. They then gathered in the church building where we sang and prayed and explained what would be happening once we got to the river.

At the river there was more singing, followed by prayer and then some teaching about what baptism is and isn’t. Baptism doesn’t wash away our sins. We don’t receive God’s Spirit through baptism. It’s not to join the “church” (the body of Christ). Baptism is a testimony, a statement of what Christ has done for us: he died for us, was buried for us, and was raised from the dead to new life. So the dunking into the water is the picture of the death and burial of Christ, and rising out of the water is a picture of the resurrection.

After reading various Scriptures and explaining the meaning of baptism, the new believers each gave their testimony, each a clear and unique testimony of God’s grace. One of the five was a powerful witch doctor, now to be a powerful witness for Christ.

Among others, Jethro (Andrew’s former language and translation helper – and now witch doctor) and his wife both had tears in their eyes as they heard these testimonies and witnessed these baptisms.

Thank you for praying for these five. Please also be praying for at least four others who hope to be baptized while our former co-workers Terry and Rosie Banman are here next week. Pray also for the upcoming wedding of Josek and Goma (scheduled for this coming Sunday – New Years day).

Serving together in Christ,
Andrew & Cathy Goud



October 7, 2011

Dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you’re having some wonderful family time as you thank God for all He has given you. This Thanksgiving we are thanking God for each of you who so faithfully stand with us through your prayers and giving. We appreciate each one of you!

Highlands Conference

When the boys finished their first term of school, we attended our annual Highlands Conference as a family. The messages were very convicting and challenging. We enjoyed delicious food and wonderful fellowship. We came away very much encouraged. Since Ben is now a senior, he shared his testimony along with two other seniors whose parents work in the Highlands Region. Boys Home for School Break Andrew and I have been enjoying having our boys home in Wusuraambya for their school break. We would have liked to have seen the sun a bit more, but are thankful for the hours of sun we did have in between the rain and clouds. We have played games and watched movies, gone on walks and played lots of volleyball. Each afternoon a group of young people has been coming to play volleyball so we have been able to get some good rallies going back and forth. Monday, October 10, the boys fly back to school. Please pray for Ben, Dan and Josh that they would hunger after God, and please pray for their dorm parents Chris and Peggy Bittner, for wisdom in the daily running of the dorm.


Heidi is enjoying her second year at Redeemer University. Last weekend she was able to go to Michigan with a friend and was able to connect with two of her classmates from Numonohi Christian Academy in PNG. This weekend she is going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Andrew’s family. Heidi has seen God’s wonderful loving hand in numerous ways in the last weeks.

Believers Attend Bible Conference

Last weekend about 60 Wusuraambya believers walked to the neighbouring tribe for a Bible conference. It was neat to hear how the young men stayed right with the women and children, helping carry the children, and also helping the women and children across a swift flowing river. They had a wonderful time of rejoicing in the Lord together. They heard messages from God’s Word; one message which really spoke to them was about the old and new natures struggling within us. The speaker described the struggle as a rugby match where the old nature and new nature are trying to tackle each other back and forth. Satan will not rest. The battle is intense but we are on the winning side.

When the Wusuraambyans were asked to share a special number in music they all stood up and it seemed like there were more people standing than sitting. They sang their hearts out. Everyone came back encouraged. It is fun for them to meet other believers from different tribes in this area. They were concerned that the hike back would be long and difficult, but they ask God for strength and they said their trip felt much shorter than they expected; they thanked God for answered prayer.

When they arrived home, they were faced with trials immediately. One young mom, Naasulin, came home to an empty house. A thief had broken in and stolen almost everything. The house next to her was also broken into. Willis and Kena had food stolen from their garden as well as firewood. They realized that they had a choice to make, to let their joy in the Lord continue or be very upset about what was missing. Satan wanted them to be defeated by this they recognized. Please pray for Naasulin that God would encourage her heart in a special way, especially since her husband is in town and she is here alone with four young children.

Josek and Goma Getting Married

These last weeks, Andrew and I have been meeting once a week with Josek and Goma. We discuss different aspects of marriage with the four of us and then let the two of them discuss the same things alone. We want them to build a strong marriage right from the start. Both Josek and Goma are really enjoying these sessions, and are enjoying getting to know each other better. (This marriage has been arranged by the parents therefore they do not know each other well). One of the things we talked about was that they both need to follow God with all their heart. If one of them follows God wholeheartedly moving ahead spiritually like an arrow, and the other flounders and follows God only some times, moving ahead like a winding river, it will be hard to be united in their marriage. That spoke to both of them. We have seen growth in Goma. She is now reading God’s Word and seems to hunger after God. Please pray for this young couple as they grow in their relationship with each other and with God. Going over these marriage questions has been good for Andrew and I too. Next month we will be married 20 years. It is good to reflect on the commitment we made to one another, considering how we need to grow, and stopping to cherish one another afresh.

Andrew Translating 1 Corinthians

The translation of 1Corinthians is going slowly right now. We have been having trouble with a lot of equipment and this has been very time consuming for Andrew. Our generator and printer have been the latest things to give us trouble. Please pray for Andrew for wisdom and encouragement as he tries to fix things. Perhaps we need to replace some of the equipment.

Cathy Checking Translation

I have been working on checking the translation of Ephesians. When my translation helper comes we make very good progress. Unfortunately she has not been able to come regularly. I have realized that I need to ask someone else who would be able to come more regularly. Please pray for wisdom as I decide who to ask to help me. Not everyone is able to give back in detail what they hear, especially in difficult chapters like we find in the epistles.


We thank God that Jesi continues to come very faithfully to help Andrew with translation. Jesi’s computer is one of the pieces of equipment that has been given us trouble. It gets discouraging when Jesi loses the translation he has been working on. We know that God is in control and that He will not give us more than we can bear. Please pray that we will keep our eyes on Him in the midst of the challenges we have been facing. What we see as interruptions are lessons that God has chosen to give us. May we learn what God is trying to teach us.

We appreciate your prayers for us.

Thankfully in Jesus,

Andrew, Cathy and sons

Back to Canada…..


June 30, 2010

Dear friends,

Greetings from sunny St. Thomas, Ontario.

We are happy to be home in Canada now. We had a great trip home, stopping in a few places so that we would not be too tired by time we arrived in Canada. We arrived home to a lovely furnished home, a basement apartment below Andrew’s uncle and aunt. The cupboards were full of food, thanks to the generosity of people in our home church.  We have enjoyed seeing our families again (at least the ones that live here in Ontario) and it has been good to worship in our home church.

Heidi’s graduation in Papua New Guinea was a very special event. We enjoyed the activities preceding the actual day as well as the graduation itself.  It was a wonderful bonding time for Heidi and her class and all the parents involved.  The goodbyes were hard of course. Heidi was able to finish all her outstanding assignments for grade 12 and has received her marks in the mail. Now she is getting ready to go to Redeemer University College in Ontario. Much time has been spent these last days applying for scholarships, writing resumes and essays and seeking summer employment. There are lots of new things for all of us to learn as we adjust to life here in Canada. Our boys have been registered for school in September. Please pray for us as we adjust. Some moments we think Canada is great and other moments we would like to hop back on the plane to PNG.

Our thoughts frequently go back to the believers in Wusuraambya.  This week Andrew has been able to work on Bible lessons for them.  In a few days he will email them across to PNG. Our chairman will then put the lessons on a jump drive and send it on a flight to Wusuraambya.  Jesi, Andrew’s translation helper will then print the lessons and give them to the Bible teachers. They in turn will study them together before they teach them.  It is wonderful to have the technology to be able to continue Bible translation and writing of Bible lessons even though we are here in Canada.  The believers continue the outreaches in the villages of Yinowaimwaaru and Wandari.  Please pray that many will come to know Christ as their Saviour as they listen to God’s Word.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in the coming months and sharing about the work God is doing in Wusuraambya. Should you want to be in touch with us our phone number is 519-637-1074. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Joyfully His,

Andrew, Cathy, Heidi, Ben, Dan and Josh